Amy Update

Amy with Joe and Nigel

It is now just over a month since Amy transferred to The Marillac in Brentwood, Essex. She has settled there extremely well. From the day of arrival, the staff there have gone out of their way to warmly welcome not only Amy but all family and friends too. This kindness makes a time of transition much easier for all.

It has been an immensely busy month for Amy. Not only is she receiving therapy at the Marillac, her programme of private Physiotherapy, and Speech and Language therapy has dramatically increased.

Dr Sylvia Taylor-Goh visits Amy twice a week, and along with the resident therapists Narelle, Charlotte and Kylie, are working on her communication. Tiny spoonfuls of food tasting has increased, this week Amy enjoying some tomato soup and some chocolate mousse. Wonderful progress!

Three times a week Amy travels from the Marillac to visit Physiotherapists Nigel Kimpton and Joe Maxwell , weekly being  worked on in the Hydrotherapy pool, and twice a week to the clinic to have an intense 2 hour session. All of the therapists involved with Amy are encouraging and enthusiastic whilst at the same time pushing her as far as possible, a perfect combination which Amy is not only loving but responding to well. She is engaged and keen for each and every session. As a family we are present at many of the sessions, being encouraged to stay to watch and to be involved.

It has been a good month. Amy is nearer to home which has made it possible to obtain the intense therapy which is clearly benefitting her, she has a much more occupied weekly schedule which she is obviously enjoying and responding well to.

As always we thank you for your continued love and support. It is invaluable.

Amy with Nigel in Physiotherapy   Amy with Nigel (left), Joe (centre) and Sylvia (right).




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