Amy’s Life at ITV, By Lindsey

Amy May's visit to ITV

Amy is a much-loved colleague at ITV and everyone there was accustomed to her bubbly nature, no matter how early in the morning, as well as her big belly laugh, which could often be heard across the office.

She worked on the 11th floor of the London Television Studios tower on the Southbank as a digital producer in a team including Lindsey, Emily, Gemma, Luke and Charlotte.

Her main job was looking after the Daybreak (soon to be Good Morning Britain) website and social media accounts and she was particularly brilliant at setting up extra filming opportunities for online. She helped produce extra content with lots of celebrities including Jason Derulo, Joss Stone, Scouting For Girls, James Arthur, McFly and more.

One of her favourite parts of the job however was working in the This Morning studio, particularly The Hub, where she would appear on screen in the background and as a result gathered a few fans of her own!

She was often asked to help out with certain items in the programme, including appearing in a dating VT alongside Anthony Brown.

Amy May and Anthony


She also gave blood live on air whilst chatting to Phillip and Holly, Jeff Brazier flirted with her in The Hub and let’s not forget the moment she had to dress up as a pantomime horse…

Amy dressed as a panto-horse

A celeb in her own right

Amy looked so glamorous every day she would often be mistaken for a celebrity herself. Paparazzi wait outside the tower and just the sight of her huge mane of hair and ‘star quality’ sunglasses would get them snapping away, convinced this gorgeous creature must be someone worth taking a picture of.

This was the slightly awkward moment the manager of 3T (a boyband comprised of Michael Jackson’s nephews) asked her to pose for a photo with them … rather than the other way round! You can see the slight confusion in her face, but she went along with it anyway. I mean, with those sequins and leggings, who WOULDN’T assume she was a celeb?

Amy with 3T

Life and soul of the party

Outside the office Amy was the life and soul of the party, always the last to leave a work event – and her and Lindsey made their way through many a bottle of prosecco at the Mulberry Bush and sometimes a cheeky glass of white wine with our fishcakes for lunch at Studio 6. We once decided to take a This Morning work experience girl out for a wine-fuelled lunch as she had been working so hard … but I don’t think the poor girl knew what she was in for, with our gossiping and cackling over the course of the hour!

Here’s just a small number of fond anecdotes from working with Amy… the ones suitable for public reading, anyway!


When Ant and Dec crashed our meeting

Picture the scene. The Daytime Online team are sitting in one of ITV’s many glass rooms having a very dry and serious meeting with some external people included. All is very business-like… but then who wanders past? Only the most famous duo in British television.

Amy and I, being the only ones to notice, look at each other and have immediate trouble suppressing our immediate desire to giggle.

Then Dec put his face to the glass and gave us a cheeky grin and that was it – we burst into uncontrollable laugher, much to the mortification of Gemma, our boss at the time.


Texting the boat man

 Amy once got a text from an unknown number that someone had sent to her in error, asking about whether she was interested in buying a boat. Instead of ignoring it or alerting the person of their mistake like most would she let her mischievous side run riot and ended up conversing with the stranger over the course of about two weeks, promising him riches upon riches, much to the amusement/horror of her colleagues. We’d ask for regular updates on ‘boatman’, until we eventually advised her that it might be best if she put the poor sod out of his misery. No one knows whether she did actually go and view the boat pretending to be a millionaire.


An uncanny ability to get free drinks

Most notably when her and Lindsey went to the Big Reunion Tour after-party. As the celeb guests drank their cheap house plonk behind the bar, Amy somehow arranged it so the besotted barman served us unlimited champagne all night… that was a good night, probably ending with a big mac in the back of a taxi (which reminds me, for someone so tiny she could pack away a burger or two).


Being a trickster – particularly when it came to boys

If a young man caught our attention in the office, we would torment him by leaving love heart sweets and cakes on his desk – then try and control our laughter as we watched him worriedly look around the office wondering who his stalker was. If a certain Aaron Bott is reading this he’ll know exactly what I mean.

And let’s not forget the time we were having Christmas lunch with the sales team and Amy and Attique decided it would be hilarious to spike Broady’s wine with salt and pepper while he was in the loo.

I promised to catch his reaction on camera but actually ended up getting Amy and Attique’s reaction as it was far more entertaining…

Amy attique


Coming out with some clangers

Including but not limited to:

“My eyes look greener today. Do you think it’s because I’ve been eating more avocados?”

“What day is Boxing Day?”

“If someone’s had their head cut off can’t you just sew it back on?”

‘Essex girl sandwiches’

We were absolute menaces for asking celebs to pose for a picture with us, and often would entice them by asking if they’d like to be part of an ‘Essex girl sandwich’. Thank goodness none of them called security on us.

This little trick worked with Russell Brand, Tom Daley and Brian May to name just a few. Russell was the only time anyone saw us go shy though. He completely turned the situation around after we approached him, flirting his head off and making us both speechless for the first time in our lives!

Lindsey and Amy with Brian May: The 'Essex-girl Sandwich!   Amy and Lindsey with Tom Daley: another 'Essex-girl Sandwich!   Amy and Lindsey with Russell Brand: The 'Essex-girl Sandwich with an Essex filling!


We can’t wait to have her back

Amy may have been away from us for almost two years now but she’s still very much part of the ITV family. There’s photos of her up in the office, we recount all those funny anecdotes often and regularly someone will say “oh, Amy would LOVE this” – especially when puppies are brought into the studio.

She’s been back for a visit which was memorable for many reasons and we can’t wait for her next visit – and the one after that, and the one after that!




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