Amy’s Christmas Update

Amy's Christmas Update

As the second Christmas approaches that Amy spends in hospital, we reflect on this past year.

Amy completed her six month allocation of rehab provided by the RHN in September. We are still waiting for a room to become available at the Marillac in Brentwood, so in the meantime, Amy is being looked after in the Cathcart ward at Putney.

Work by speech and language therapists continue, with Amy increasingly attempting to communicate. She clearly is understanding what is being said to her, and while sometimes this provokes tears, maybe with frustration or because of a memory provoked, the smiles and laughter are a delight to see, music can also have a similar effect. Food tasting is generally a slow process, but work with flavoured lollipops and little sips of fruit juice taken from a spoon are strengthening and working Amy’s tongue and throat muscles, and improving her swallow.

Sessions have recently taken place in the hydrotherapy pool. These are done for recreational rather than therapeutical purposes, and have proven to be a real success. Two therapists accompany Amy in a small heated pool with music playing in the background, she really loves this.

Early in December, there was a few days of medical concern, during the night Amy aspirated which necessitated her being taken as an emergency patient to the resuscitation unit of St. George’s hospital where a difficult day was spent. There followed 5 days in the high dependancy unit, as it was of concern that Amy may have developed pneumonia, but once more her fighting spirit prevailed, and the drama calmed. She returned to the RHN recovering well.

There have been outings to various lovely and interesting places. Luke has taken Amy to London Zoo, The Natural History Museum and the London Aquarium, and Sue and Roger shared a very special, and emotional afternoon on Thursday at the Royal Albert Hall, enjoying the Christmas sing-a-long, and along with Luke the four of them spent an afternoon in Richmond Park.

Earlier this month Sue and Roger accompanied Amy on her first visit visit back to ITV, and a memorable morning was spent back in the live studio with friends and colleagues. Hopefully this trip will be the first of many.

From us all we would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy, healthy and peaceful new year. Most of all we would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support that we continually receive.



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