Amy update

The past months have been industrious since Amy's move to The Marillac in Brentwood, during the early part of the year. She settled into her new environment quickly and well, all staff there being extremely welcoming, kind and encompassing from the moment of arrival, not only to Amy and her family but to the stream of loyal [...]

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Amy Update

It is now just over a month since Amy transferred to The Marillac in Brentwood, Essex. She has settled there extremely well. From the day of arrival, the staff there have gone out of their way to warmly welcome not only Amy but all family and friends too. This kindness makes a time of transition [...]

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Lindsey’s London Marathon Vlog

Lindsey, who is running the London Marathon in April for Amy, has sent us a video blog to keep us updated on her training. Enjoy! You can view Lindsey's event page here.    

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Amy Moves to Brentwood

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 26th January 2016, Amy will begin the next step of her journey. She will leave the RHN in Putney to begin a stay in the St. Louise's Unit at The Marillac in Brentwood, this being much closer to home and where she will continue to receive therapy and care. We send the [...]

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Amy’s Life at ITV, By Lindsey

Amy is a much-loved colleague at ITV and everyone there was accustomed to her bubbly nature, no matter how early in the morning, as well as her big belly laugh, which could often be heard across the office. She worked on the 11th floor of the London Television Studios tower on the Southbank as a [...]

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Sara’s Las Vegas Run

   Apart from a couple of niggles and a trip to the physio, my training had gone fairly well. I’d mostly stuck to my schedule of running three times per week for nine weeks. Whilst I go to yoga classes regularly and enjoy walking, I hadn’t done any vigorous exercise for years and my legs [...]

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Amy’s Christmas Update

As the second Christmas approaches that Amy spends in hospital, we reflect on this past year. Amy completed her six month allocation of rehab provided by the RHN in September. We are still waiting for a room to become available at the Marillac in Brentwood, so in the meantime, Amy is being looked after in [...]

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Onesie Day at Project Skills Solutions!

  When we heard about #GivingTuesday we thought that it would be a nice idea to come to work in onesies! Obviously we didn’t have to think very long as to who we would help, as most of the team at Project Skills Solutions know Amy and the ones who don’t now know about her. [...]

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