Elaine On Her Vietnamese and Cambodian Adventure

I, very happily completed my ride through south Vietnam and Cambodia in October 2015. This was a huge task for me, as I had never contemplated anything of this magnitude before, nor had I visited Asia.  I was very nervous during the weeks leading up to the trip but continued to train hard and tried to [...]

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John Crosses the Brighton Finishing Line

John on his 10K Brighton run for Amy: "I finished the Brighton run in 51 minutes despite the 50mph winds and slight rain. This is the first time I've run 10k without having to stop, and my motivation was the courage and tenacity shown by Amy every hour of every day. I had a weak moment [...]

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A Hole in One For The Trust!

The Castle Golf Society hosted its largest ever fund raising day last Friday at The Rayleigh Club, Essex. Following last year’s Anaphylaxis Charity day, this year the committee decided The Amy May Trust was the most worthy cause. With Amy’s recovery slow but progressing what could be a better way of supporting Amy and her [...]

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The Southend 10K Run

Elliott writes Our target was £3000 and we have smashed it, all thanks to the efforts and participation of the Amy May Trust Fund Runners and donations. For all those that registered and took part in aid of Amy, thank you. For all those that have donated so generously to the trust, thank you. We all enjoyed [...]

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Attached are a couple of photographs of today's ride. All went well, 54 miles in blistering heat followed by torrential rain! Really good fun though and very rewarding. Up again tomorrow to 5;15 for another 45 miles! Will keep you updated, Elaine x  

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An ITV Evening For A.M.Y

With words by Lindsey Bowers and photography by Emily Davies   It may have seemed like any other Thursday afternoon in the ITV tower on Southbank on September 24 but for the few members of staff in the second floor bar there was a certain electricity in the air. The area was slowly being transformed with purple [...]

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The Swim in The Lake

  Lake Windermere is England's longest over 10 miles or so long and deepest 200 feet in parts of the lake.  The countryside around it is breathtaking so you haven't been then definitely you should go. We collected the boats at 0600 hrs and began the swim at about 0720 hrs. My crew led by my lovely [...]

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Melike Runs to The Beat in Wembley Park

So Sunday's event went very well, although it was tougher than I expected due to the route being pretty hilly, 1 killer hill at the half way mark that I thought would never end - lots of grimacing & a few swear words at this point! However the DJ's were playing music at these spots [...]

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Money Does Grow on Trees: Thank You Alton’s!

We recently held a General Knowledge Quiz night for charity , namely The Amy May Trust. Our guests were invited from local horticulture clubs, customers and a few of our own staff. Everyone had a great night, and enjoyed a wonderful gourmet buffet in Digbys Restaurant. There were many lovely raffle prizes, Large garden pots, [...]

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Amy Update

     Amy has now been at the RHN for 5 months and is nearing the end of her stay. Ultimately Amy will come home to continue her rehabilitation, but in the interim period will transfer to an establishment nearer to us in Essex. The most important achievement has been the removal of Amy's tracheostomy.  After [...]

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