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Bryony’s Half Marathon

Date: May 19th 2019

On May the 19th I will be running the Hackney Half Marathon to raise awareness for the Amy May Trust. For a very long time now I have wanted to do something for Amy. I live in Isla Canela, Spain and we have a beach bar close to her parents apartment. She was a very familiar face at out our bar and so many other places in Isla Canela.

The furthest I have ever ran before would be 6km and that was pre baby. I have literally gone from couch to 21km. Training has been tough and much harder than I ever imagined. I do my long runs on a marshland that has beautiful views over to her apartment and this is what keeps me running, I think of what she has lost and what I’m lucky to have and I think of her fight so far and what she has achieved.

I might be slow but I’ll do my best for Amy!! 😍😍

The photo is of Amy and Taco my husband, behind his bar years ago. – Bryony

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