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Ella’s Double Tough Mudder’s

Date: 4th May 2019 + 21st September 2019

Back in May 2015, two months before my daughter Violet turned two my world was turned upside down.

Violet and I were driving home from a food shop where she managed to get hold of a food bar containing cashews. She ate the smallest amount smiling at me in her mirror! Something made me pull the car over and take it from her.

Two minutes later we were home, two minutes later her face was red and swelling, Violet had been coughing and was now silent and the silence was terrifying! I knew what was happening and after a moment of pure fright I gave her piriton and rushed her to a&e. The most frightening part of all of this was the sudden deterioration and the realisation, the whole event from eating the cashew bar to the time it took me to get to A&E was 10 minutes!

During this time I called my husband who was at work and he will never forget the panic and the words, our daughter is having an anaphylactic shock I know her airways are closing, she’s going to stop breathing! She could die!

Thank god she didn’t, the Piriton I gave Violet relaxed her airways and then once in A&E we were seen within seconds where she was given steroids. Violet then had a good four hours that followed of the toxins coming out of her body! The pain she endured was unbearable and all I could do was watch.

Four years later my big girl still has an anaphylaxis allergy, it’s still life threatening but we manage this each day by monitoring everything Violet eats and everywhere she goes. Anaphylaxis is my biggest fear but I want Violet to do everything she wants to and have the confidence to challenge situations when she doesn’t feel safe.

I want to raise awareness that allergies are serious and help raise money for The Amy May Trust as the charity is very close to my heart. This year I have decided to run two Tough Mudders one in May and one in September to raise money for such a brilliant cause!!

Any amount would be gratefully received x

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