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Ian’s Ironman.


Date: 21st September 2019

I have always been a keen runner and have completed several marathons, ultra marathons and ‘Tough guy’ events. The ultimate dream has always been to enter and complete an Ironman event however there was one very minor detail holding me back. I am, by my own admissions, an absolutely terrible swimmer! The thought of swimming/splashing my way around 2.4 miles even in a swimming pool was scary enough but doing it in the open sea in Italy then following it with a 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run was nothing short of terrifying…and still is.

Having paid the rather steep entrance fee and breaking the news to my wife Charlie that I wouldn’t be seeing her much for the next year, it was now official. With The Amy May trust being so close to Charlie’s heart personally it was the only charity that I wanted to raise money for. On 21st September 2019 I will enter the sea in Cervia, Italy to start the swim leg of my first ever Ironman event.

I welcome all sponsorship and thank you for your support.

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