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Lee’s Boxing Match

Date: Saturday September 29th 2018

Lee’s Boxing Match
Date: Saturday September 29th 2018
The Circus Tavern.  Purfleet,  Essex,  RM19 1TS
Tickets: £35 and £55. Telephone Lee direct: 07867 795807

“I have known Amy since she and my son Craig were at primary school together.
I remember when the children were young, knocking at her mum and dads house one Halloween when we were going trick or treating. This friendly little girl asked if she could come with us the next time – and she did!

I have always trained in a gym and taken part in pad work but have never taken on a fight. This Autumn, at the age of 56 and as a dad to two sons, this is what I am going to do in aid of Amy.
I had spoken to Amy just a few days before she went off on the holiday which changed her life, when she was excited about her first home that she had just bought.

Anything that you can sponsor me as I take on my fight at The Circus Tavern will help Amy in her huge life fight.
Thank you”

To buy tickets for the evening please telephone Lee direct on 07867 795807

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