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The Wedding of Lindsey and Mark

Date: August 8th 2020

Thank you for visiting our wedding page for Amy May.

On August 8, 2020, we’ll be tying the knot in Sutton Hall, Essex and in lieu of a wedding list have invited our friends and family to make a donation here.​
We both met Amy through ITV and Lindsey in particular spent many happy days working alongside her on This Morning and Good Morning Britain. There many fun prosecco-fuelled nights, too! ​
No-one approved more than Amy when our friendship turned into something more – and look where we are now! We’re so looking forward to having Amy as a guest on our big day.​

Any donations, no matter how small, will be enormously appreciated as it will go towards the vital therapies our incredible friend so desperately needs. ​

Thank you.​

  1. Lindsey and Marks Wedding

    £35.00 donated
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