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Nash’s London Marathon 2019

Date: 28th April 2019

I have been lucky enough to win a ballot entry into the London Marathon 2019 and have decided to raise money for the very deserving The Amy May Trust. When I read about Amy’s story it touched me from the moment I read it. I have suffered with a severe allergy to all nuts and sesame seeds my whole life and from reading Amy’s story it shows the extreme consequences of what can happen when people are ignorant to the seriousness of a nut allergy! I carry Epi Pens with me at all times and in the event of going into anaphylactic shock these must be used straightaway, all the while being en route to the hospital, as I only have 15 minutes to live. The petition which the Trust started to ban the sale/consumption of nuts, either bought on the plane or externally purchased, is an appeal I hope is won very soon. I worry about this every time I fly and have experienced situations when passengers do not comply with the announcement as they do not understand how fatal the outcome can be if not followed. This is just one of the many steps which needs to be taken and I fully agree that education and awareness is key. By fundraising for The Amy May Trust I am hoping I can do my bit to help spread the word and of course help towards Amy’s rehabilitation.

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