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Peter’s London Marathon

Date: 28th April 2019

Our story is about our daughter Sarah-Jane who is severely allergic nuts.

She has always been sensitive to certain foods so was very reluctant to try anything new. We had gone to Cyprus on a family holiday when Jane asked her to try a Cashew nut. This was in 2005. She wasn’t keen but ate the whole nut. Within seconds she started swelling to the point where we didn’t recognise her and she was choking. We called the hotel reception, who luckily had paramedics there within 10 minutes.

She stayed in hospital overnight where she was treated with adrenaline and anti-histamine.

They discharged her but hadn’t prescribed EpiPen. That evening she had another delayed reaction where she said her throat was swelling again.

We called another ambulance and she was kept in hospital again for another two days.

We were told that on our return to England to have her allergy tested. We did and she is allergic to all nuts. She has always carried 2 EpiPens and is very careful wherever she goes.

This has affected the whole of our family. Where we eat and what we eat.

Probably other than keeping her safe the hardest part is people understanding about contamination which is a daily battle, especially on flights and in restaurants. Sarah-Jane is now 22 and thankfully has not had any other anaphylactic episodes. Her confidence with food has grown and she has gained weight now.

Amy’s story has touched all of our hearts which is why I would love to run the London Marathon for Amy’s Trust and help to raise awareness for your most worthy cause.

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