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Hello everyone,

I would very much like to welcome you to the The Amy May Trust website. As Amy’s cousin, I have been witness to the huge support Amy has received from her incredible number of friends and it has given me great pride in being able to help establish this website, which I hope will offer a dedicated place for this wonderful support to flourish.

The Journal will now the be the dedicated place for Sue and Roger to keep you updated on Amy as well as for articles and videos to be published that highlight the wonderful array of kindness that you, as Amy’s friends, are showing. Upon publishing a new post to The Journal, we will also be advertising it on our Facebook page. We very much encourage you to join this, as it will allow you to become informed of any activities within the Trust.

As the Amy May Trust does not enjoy charitable status, we are unable to claim Gift Aid on donations. Due to this, we were unable to use the established online giving websites. As a result, we have developed our own event system which will allow individual events to be listed and donated to on an individual basis. Donations will be collected via Paypal. If you have an event or a fundraising idea you would like to carry out, then please do let us know by sending us your idea via the Help the Trust page. We will very much look forward to hearing your idea and setting up your own event page accordingly.

I will now leave you with an extended warm welcome from a few of Amy’s friends and colleagues at ITV.

All the best,


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